College Physics A Strategic Approach 4th Edition

College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition, Digital Update expands its focus from how students learn physics to focusing on why these students learn physics. The authors apply the best results from educational research and Mastering® Physics metadata to present basic physics in real world examples that engage students and connect physics with other fields, including biological sciences, architecture, and natural resources. From these connections, students not only to learn in research-driven ways but also understand why they are taking the course and how it applies to other areas. 

Extensive new media and an interactive Pearson eText pique student interest while challenging misconceptions and fostering critical thinking. New examples, explanations, and problems use real data from research to show physics at work in relatable situations, and help students see that physics is the science underlying everything around them. A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition, encourages today’s students to understand the big picture, gain crucial problem-solving skills and come to class both prepared and confident. 

Mastering Physics from Pearson

Mastering Physics is the leading online homework, tutorial, and engagement platform, designed to improve results by engaging students with powerful content. Instructors can assign interactive media before class to engage students and ensure they arrive ready to learn. Learning Catalytics™ instructors can expand on key concepts and encourage student engagement during lecture through questions answered individually or in pairs and groups.

The 4th Edition, Digital Update program offers:

  • 30 Pre-Lecture Videos that cover key concepts with demonstrations that illustrate how to solve a typical problem in a real-life situation.
  • Enhanced End-of-Chapter hint structure now provides video help, worked-examples, and how to work the problem.
  • The Student Workbook provides short exercises that focus on developing a particular skill, mostly requiring students to draw or interpret sketches and graphs.
  • A revised Student Study Area has been revised to a streamlined approach for easier navigation.

This 4th Edition ©2023 and its digital updates are fully compatible with the 4th Edition ©2019 program. All adopters will be using the digital updated course within Mastering.


Discipline: AP® Honors & Electives, Science

Copyright: 2023

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Funding Sources: ESSER

College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4th Edition, Digital Update, AP® Edition ©2023 with Mastering® Physics with Pearson eText, Knight et al.

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