QuickReads ESSA Strong Rated Intervention Program for Grades 2-6

Supplemental Nonfiction Texts Teach Vocabulary to Achieve Reading Proficiency

Struggling readers have difficulty recognizing common words. Their reading is choppy. QuickReads texts implement the research of “Freddy” Hiebert. The texts limit unfamiliar vocabulary and emphasize high-frequency words and words with grade-level phonics and syllable patterns. This research-based vocabulary greatly helps students achieve reading proficiency.


T Is for Text: QuickReads Text Passages Build Reading Fluency


Short Texts for “Quick” Reads

The text passages in QuickReads can be read in about one minute. The length of the passage increases with each QuickReads level to promote grade-level reading.

  • QuickReads levels include three books, each with five related passages on six topics (90 passages per grade).
  • QuickReads nonfiction passages develop background knowledge for science and social studies.


Practice Activities for School and Home

Every QuickReads topic includes graphic organizers, reading comprehension activities, and vocabulary practice. Students think critically about what they read.


QuickReads Fluency Library

Add more nonfiction to your class! The QuickReads Fluency Library offers four additional levels, each with 18 books—9 science titles and 9 social studies titles. A Teacher’s Resource Manual provides mini lessons and practice activities.