NEW! D’Nealian Handwriting Curriculum for Grades K-5

Handwriting Reimagined

The only continuous stroke, mani-cursive handwriting program is back!  D’Nealian Handwriting has been reimagined to support learning wherever it takes place. It now provides a complete audio, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic approach to teaching handwriting through a streamlined routine.

D'Nealian Handwriting Overview Video

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The D’Nealian Advantage

The newly updated program gives students and educators all the benefits you’ve always expected from D’Nealian
  • A continuous stroke for lowercase letters with a focus on proper size, space, and slant supports early literacy learning. 
  • Few pencil lifts cut down on common reversals such as b and d and g and p. 
  • Ease the transition from manuscript to cursive since most lowercase letters are the same as their cursive version. 

NEW to the ’22 Edition 

  • A complete digital experience on Savvas Realize, including an Interactive Teacher’s Edition, Print-On-Demand Student Practice Pages, a Student Edition PDF, and Stroke Modeling Animation Videos 
  • Grades K-2 Handwriting Kit, including Alpha Touch Letters, Tracing Letter and Number Cards, and set of 25 Rewrite Cards

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