Features and Benefits

Personalize Learning with Mastering® Physics®

  • MasteringPhysics is the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts. Students benefit from self-paced tutorials, featuring specific wrong-answer feedback, hints, and a huge variety of educationally effective content to keep them engaged and on track. Robust diagnostics and unrivalled gradebook reporting allow instructors to pinpoint the weaknesses and misconceptions of a student or class to provide timely intervention.
  • Hallmark Hints and Feedback in Mastering offer help similar to what students would experience in an office hour.
  • Gradebook Diagnostics: With a single click, charts summarize the most difficult problems, vulnerable students, and grade distribution allowing for just-in-time teaching to address student misconceptions.
  • NEW! More automatically graded Mastering content essay-style end-of-chapter questions have been rewritten as multiple choice
  • NEW! Learning Catalytics™ allows students to use their laptop, smartphone, or tablet to respond to questions in class. Visit www.learningcatalytics.com
  • Learning outcomes are correlated to the assignable assets in Mastering Physics.
  • Pearson® eText, available through Mastering Physics, offers the entire textbook in an interactive format. Features include hyperlinks to Interactive Figures, Tutorials, and Videos, pop-up vocabulary terms, an annotation tool, and more.
  • NEW! Outstanding Content and Unparalleled Tutoring for Hewitt Titles in Mastering Physics. The Mastering system now provides tutorials and coaching activities covering content relevant to all Hewitt titles and motivates students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture.
  • Video Activities ask students to answer multiple-choice questions based on the content of Paul Hewitt’s popular classroom demonstrations.
  • Interactive Figure Activities help students master important topics by interacting with key figures, bringing principles to life. Hints and specific wrong-answer feedback help guide students toward understanding the scientific principles.
  • Self-Guided Tutorial Activities feature extensive, multi-lesson animations that students can work through at their own pace. Students then use what they have learned to answer multiple-choice questions based on the animations.
  • Selected end-of-chapter questions utilize the Mastering ranking tool, allowing students to drag and drop possible answers into the appropriate order.
  • Assignable tutorials and coaching activities of all types (including Ranking, Sorting, and Labeling Tutorials and Activities) are available.

Prepare for lecture

  • NEW! Over 200 QR codes throughout the book allow students to use a mobile device to instantly watch Paul Hewitt’s video demonstrations and Hewitt-Drew-It screencasts to prepare for lecture and gain a better conceptual understanding of physics.
  • The Instructor Resource DVD provides the most comprehensive resource available of purpose-built in-class teaching aids, including high-resolution JPEGs of all figure and photos from the book, all of the Interactive Figures and Video Demonstrations, PowerPoint® Lecture Outlines and Clicker Questions written by the author, plus electronic versions of the Next-Time Questions, Instructor Manual, and Test Bank.
  • Conceptual Ranking end of chapter exercises help students master important concepts.
  • Multiple-choice Practice Exams at the end of each part enable the student to assess their grasp of the material they just learned.

Make physics delightful

  • NEW! Updated applications are available for digital technology, environment, and energy. These topics are at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness these days and an intelligent awareness of their scientific foundations will give rise to better decision making in the political arena.
  • NEW! A new interior design provides an attractive, fresh, and accessible new look, updating a classic text to be even more student friendly.
  • An extensive full-color figure and photo program includes the author’s hallmark cartoons, which are both approachable and informative.
  • Fun and easy-to-perform projects involve students in the scientific process of exploration and observation.
  • Insight boxes provide short snippets of information about how topics in the text relate to real-life situations, experiments, and other parts of the book.  
  • Enhanced coverage of topics in energy and environment are included and help to keep students aware of current events.

Build a strong conceptual understanding of physics

  • NEW! Revised End of Chapter sections fit Bloom’s Taxonomy. All end of chapter material has been rearranged and revised as needed to fit into Bloom’s taxonomy categories.
  • All sections are now numbered to allow for more instructor flexibility in assigning class material.
  • Check Yourself and Check Your Answer boxes embedded within the text help students gauge their level of understanding of the material just covered.
  • Practicing Physics boxes allow students to work through a problem or experiment based on the material covered in each chapter.
  • A wide variety of problems are provided at the end of each chapter.
  • Conceptual Ranking end of chapter exercises help students master important concepts.
  • Multiple-choice Practice Exams at the end of each part enable the student to assess their grasp of the material they just learned.