Practical Tips for Using Authentic Resources in the World Language Classroom


World Language teachers are encouraged to use authentic resources in their classrooms. However, many of us have not had authentic resources as part of our own learning or teaching experience. What are some of the first steps we can take to be successful in using authentic resources in the world language classroom? This three-part series explores practical tips to get our students ready for the video, text, or podcast.

Part 1: Introducing Authentic Resources To Your Class

Part 2: Connecting to Content and Culture

Part 3: Communicating and Participating

About the Author: Rich Sayers has been involved in world languages education since 1978. He taught Spanish at Niwot High School in Longmont, Colorado, for 18 years, where he taught levels 1 through AP Spanish. While at Niwot High School, Rich served as department chair, district foreign language coordinator, and board member of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers and the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching. In 1991, Rich was selected as one of the Disney Company’s Foreign Language Teacher Honorees for the American Teacher Awards. Rich is an author on the Savvas Learning Auténtico Spanish language program.

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About the Author

Rich Sayers

Author, World Languages