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Explore Words Their Way Classroom and Palabras a Su Paso – Salón de Clases

Did you study Words Their Way® in your teacher education program? It’s the essential word study reference for teachers! The same great author team now brings you a classroom-ready word study program for Grades K-5. New Words Their Way Classroom and Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases use word sorts to help build students’ word knowledge for reading, writing, and communicating. These newly revised editions are available on the award-winning Savvas Realize™ digital platform, so you can easily combine interactive online word sorts with hands-on student practice. Model the sort on your whiteboard then let students sort, categorize, play, and examine words on their own. Sorting is one of the most effective ways to support phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. Try it now online!


Building a Literacy Foundation One Sort at a Time

  • Online interactive word sort and hands-on practice
  • Sort letter sounds, sort concepts, sort pictures
  • Active, not passive learning—encourage ownership
  • Target each child’s instructional level, reduce frustration
  • 5 developmental spelling stages guide progress
  • Teach word knowledge, not memorization
  • Model sorts on a whiteboard, get tips and routines
  • Manage it all in 15 to 20 minutes per day
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From the Leading Authorities on Word Study

Donald Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Francine Johnston, Shane Templeton, and Lori Helman
When students sort words they are engaged in the active process of searching, comparing, contrasting, and analyzing. Word sorts help students organize what they know about words and to form generalizations that they can then apply to new words they encounter in their reading.
– Donald Bear, et al.

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  • Early learner navigation at the flip of a switch
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