American Government, 14th AP® Edition ©2022

This current edition, published by Pearson, includes updates for the 2020 election of President Biden, plus the 2022 Midterm Election updates.

  • New Critical Thinking feature provides a contextual window for political systems.
  • Students explore diverse political perspectives on big-picture questions.
  • New Journal prompts encourage student critical thinking in context of a worldwide pandemic and widespread actions against racial injustice.
  • Program delivered on Pearson’s Revel® platform.

American Government 2022 Midterm Election Updates

American Government, AP® Edition examines today’s United States government by looking at both its present structures and how the Framers’ intentions have been implemented and adapted over time.


The 14th Edition features important events from the contemporary political landscape.

New edition features updated material on important recent developments, including the latest presidential elections and midterms, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Supreme Court decisions.


Updated Pedagogical Features

New chapter sections emphasize the importance of the history of American government, plus the dynamic cycle of reassessment that helps the United States evolve. A focus on qualitative literacy helps students analyze, interpret, synthesize, and apply visual information—skills essential in today’s world.


Supports the AP® Curriculum

This program supports and is correlated to the College Board’s AP® U.S. Government and Politics Course and Exam Description.


Program Hosted on Revel® from Pearson, an All-in-One Interactive Solution

With Revel®, teachers can use their experiences to combine content, media, assessment, and data-driven guidance to capture students’ attention and help them stay on track. With Revel, students read and practice in one continuous experience—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

American Government: Roots & Reform Digital Program

  • American Government: Roots & Reform Digital Program
  • Updates include the latest important political events.
  • New chapter opening features to spark student engagement.

Robust new program features create differentiated learning.

  • Politics in Comparative Perspective
    Politics in Comparative Perspective American Politics in Comparative Perspective features compare a particular aspect of U.S. government to two or more countries.
  • History of Government
    Roots of and Toward Reform features highlight the importance of the history of American government, as well as the dynamic cycle of reassessment and reform by which the U.S. continues to evolve.

Updates include the latest important political events.

  • Thorough Digital Update

    Digital Update has been thoroughly revised to incorporate political developments and scholarship since 2020, including:

    • Critical Supreme Court decisions on abortion, free exercise of religion and defendants’ rights.
    • Current policies on health care, budgeting, immigration, environmental protection and the war in Ukraine.
    • The reemergence of high inflation after 2020 and its political impact.

New chapter opening features to spark student engagement.

  • Chapter-opening Vignettes
    Chapter-opening vignettes help students better understand how American government has developed over time.
  • Contemporary Photos
    Contemporary photos depict major events from the last few years and illustrate politics' relevancy. Historical photos illustrate how the past informs the present.
  • Qualitative Literacy
    A focus on qualitative literacy helps students learn to analyze, interpret, synthesize and apply information from charts, graphs and other visual sources.

Revel® from Pearson


AP® EXAM STYLE TEST BANK– Provides test items in the format of the new AP® United States Government and Politics exam, organized into four chronological parts corresponding to the Curriculum Framework.

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AP® Required Supreme Court Cases – Our program provides the required Supreme Court cases and their holdings as related to the Enduring Understandings provided by the College Board within their AP® Course Framework.

Correlation for AP®

Our solutions for AP® are designed to support and correlate the College Board's Course and Exam Descriptions for each corresponding course.

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More about American Government

  • Table of Contents
    • American Government: Roots, Context, and Culture
    • The Constitution
    • The Federal System
    • Civil Liberties
    • Civil Rights
    • Congress
    • The Presidency
    • The Executive Branch and the Federal Bureaucracy
    • The Judiciary
    • Public Opinion and Political Socialization
    • Political Parties
    • Campaigns, Elections and Voting
    • The News Media
    • Interest Groups
    • Domestic and Economic Policy
    • Foreign and Defense Policy
  • Karen O'Connor - Author Bio

    Karen O'Connor is the Jonathan N. Helfat Distinguished Professor of Political Science and the Founder and Director Emerita of the Women & Politics Institute at American University. Before coming to American University, Professor O'Connor taught political science for 17 years at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was the first woman to receive the university's highest teaching award.

    She has been recognized by several associations as the most outstanding woman in political science and public administration, as well as by the Southern Political Science Association (SPSA) for her contributions to the discipline. She has served on the American Political Science Association (APSA) and SPSA councils and as chair of the Law and Courts and Women and Politics Research sections of the APSA.

  • Larry J. Sabato - Author Bio

    Larry J. Sabato is the founder and director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. A Rhodes Scholar, Professor Sabato has taught more than tens of thousands of students in his career at Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the University of Virginia. At the University of Virginia, he has received every major teaching award, including the university's highest honor, the Thomas Jefferson Award.

    In 2013, Professor Sabato won an Emmy award for the documentary Out of Order, which he produced to highlight the dysfunctional U.S. Senate. In 2014, he received a second Emmy award for the PBS documentary based on his New York Times bestseller The Kennedy Half-Century. Professor Sabato directs the Crystal Ball Website, which has an unparalleled record of accuracy in predicting U.S. elections.


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