Career and Technical Education

Provide students with the academic and technical skills, and knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and develop skills they will use throughout their careers.


21st Century Career Education Programs Prepare Learners for College and Career Readiness

We are proud to partner with Pearson® to offer 21st Century CTE programs that help learners discover career pathways and achieve academic and career success. We are dedicated to creating learning materials that provide relevance, real–world application, and the highest quality content. Our materials align to state standards, incorporate career exploration and 21st Century Skills, and include strong instructional support to ensure learners meet desired course outcomes. Our programs prepare learners for industry–recognized certifications.


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Savvas Learning Company is the official distributor for Pearson in offering effective, hands-on content in CTE programs to K-12 schools and districts.

Career and Technical Education Programs

Agriculture Food and Natural Resources

Architecture and Construction

Arts, A/V, Technology and Communications

Business Management and Administration

Education and Training

Health Science

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

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