Experience Math Elementary Math Program

Experience Math, a student-centered elementary math program, celebrates the art of teaching combined with the power of an engaged classroom. Through simple planning and high-value, in-the-moment professional learning, Experience Math allows teachers to do what matters most.

  • Create community through Discovery and Exploration
  • Strengthen learning through Intentional Teaching
  • Establish fluency through Practice and Game Play
  • Gather evidence of learning through Purposeful Assessment Strategies
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Hands-on Elementary Math

Experience Math was developed by renowned educator Dr. Marian Small to improve learning with intentional teaching aligned to clear goals and strategic instructional decisions.

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Designed around Essential Understandings

Experience Math is designed with a focus on essential understandings, or big ideas, to help students build meaningful connections in math.

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Built on Student–Centered, Rich Tasks

Experience Math increases student engagement by leveraging rich tasks as the main driver of learning in each lesson.

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Centered on Hands-on Learning

Experience Math encourages a hands-on learning approach to support exploration and the development of conceptual understanding.

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Focused on Developing Critical Thinking

Experience Math deepens critical understanding to help students make sense of math concepts and build problem-solving skills.

Student-Centered Math for K-5

  • Marian’s Insights for Instructional Support
  • Embedded Student Support
  • Digital Instructional
  • Scout Progress Monitoring
  • Engaging Game-Based Practice

Dr. Marian Small’s Insights for Instructional Support

  • Marian’s Insights
    As your personal coach and partner, Marian Small has embedded her own instructional insights, including mathematical contexts, differentiation strategies, and implementation tips throughout the lesson.
  • Minds On Coaching
    Marian’s instructional supports include And The Point Is… information on the mathematical purpose of the activity. Sample student solutions and strategies help guide open-ended discussions. Professional Learning Videos for many activities offer relevant insights on the lesson concept. Connect Ideas and Experiences help students bridge the concept to their own experiences.
  • Action Coaching
    Additional And the Point Is… notes help invest students in their learning outcomes. Differentiating instruction suggestions for Parallel Tasks aim to help students that need more support or more challenge. What Could You Do If… provides strategies for addressing common misconceptions and errors. Sample Student Responses and Strategies speak directly to young learners.
  • Consolidate Coaching
    And the Point Is… features clarify information about the mathematical focus for each Consolidate Question. An Assessment for Learning points out what teachers should observe in their students along with strategies for reteaching materials if necessary.
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Embedded Student Support

  • Number and Data Talks
    5-10 minute discussions that support student fluency and flexibility in thinking about numbers and operations. Students have the opportunity to share strategies with their classmates and use their own problem-solving abilities.
  • Brain Benders
    Engaging, often open-ended tasks that encourage creative problem-solving in the real world. Students decide the appropriate model for a real-life situation, consider their assumptions about the problem, then use the model to arrive at a solution.
  • Academic Language Activities
    Provide opportunities to build understanding of critical words needed to communicate mathematical ideas and understandings.
  • Wonder Tasks
    Three-act, problem-based activities that challenge students to come up with the question to be solved. The majority of the task is verbal, providing opportunities for students to communicate their mathematical thinking and understanding.
  • Making Connections Tasks
    Students integrate concepts from multiple mathematical domains by providing additional opportunities to revisit and build important connections. They further apply mathematical skills and concepts they have already learned to solve a complex problem with multiple parts.
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Digital Instructional

  • Plan and Review Mathematical Concepts
    Topic and Lesson Planning allow teachers to easily review pacing, objectives, standards, and mathematical contexts. Student data is easily accessible to help adjust lesson plans. Marian’s Coaching is directly embedded to provide professional learning through short videos, mathematical backgrounds, differentiation suggestions, and questioning strategies.
  • Prep Print and Digital Materials
    Teachers can download and/or customize their lesson presentations. Additional learning aids, activities, or assessments are available for printing. Interactive lesson activities and/or assessments can be assigned from the dashboard.
  • Project and Teach from One Device
    With Presenter Mode, teachers can project the lesson presentation and materials with their instructional supports, including differentiation suggestions, question strategies, and sample answers, from the same device.
  • Getting Started with Experience Math
    Professional Development Videos, Getting Started Videos, an Implementation Guide, and more comprehensive resources are available. Teachers have access to these on-demand to help them begin using Experience Math.
  • M Magazine
    Marian Small created this online math magazine to empower math educators across the country. Every issue is filled with helpful features such as videos, demos, shareable activities, and exclusive content to inspire the best possible learning experiences.
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Inspire Your World Geography Classroom

  • Observational Assessment Tool
    Realize Scout helps teachers document “in-the-moment” student learning right on the Realize digital platform. Key observation goals are noted within the Scout Tool to help inform key learning moments to capture.
  • Measuring Student Growth
    Snap photos, record observations and class discussions, and make anecdotal notes while creating a detailed picture of student growth over time. During parent-teacher conferences, these insights can be easily shared.
  • Inform Evaluation
    The observations gathered in Realize Scout help teachers inform their evaluations and lesson planning. By storing and collecting media, observations can be validated on the spot for every student.
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Engaging Game-Based Practice

  • Play-Based Guided Inquiry
    Topics within Experience Math’s kindergarten program feature Explorations and Lessons to help teachers address standards in a play-based environment.
  • Explorations
    Explorations are provided to suggest ways a teacher might respond to student-initiated inquiries and curiosities. Suggested centers facilitate ongoing student exploration.
  • Lessons
    Lessons suggest planned experiences to ensure that standard explorations emerge in a natural context. Variations of each activity are suggested, so similar activities can be repeated regularly throughout the kindergarten year(s).
  • Purposeful Practice through Engaging Games
    Games and puzzles are offered strategically within the Your Turn lesson allowing students to engage in fun and meaningful practice of mathematical skills concepts. They think creatively and critically while developing perseverance and a positive attitude. By working together, students need to develop prosocial collaborative and cooperative behaviors.
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Watch an Overview Video

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Watch an Overview Video

Learn more about student-centered learning and in-the-moment professional learning in Experience Math.

Experience Math Makes Full Use of Your Classroom Technology

Savvas Realize - logo

Teachers access one curated, digital center on Savvas Realize where they can plan, prep, and teach Experience Math.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Digital Experience.

Blended Student Materials to Engage

  • Digital Student Experience
  • Tangible Student Support
  • Powerful Visual Aids
  • Embedded Digital Manipulatives
  • Home Support

Savvas Realize

 Students can easily access Experience Math digitally through Savvas Realize. Resources such as interactive assignments and embedded learning aids enrich their time in class and at home.

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Student Experience Book

The optional Student Experience Book provides support, also available in Spanish, along with space for practice and self-reflection as students work through the phases of each lesson.


Classroom Manipulatives

Each grade level includes a curated classroom manipulative kit to support Experience Math lessons.

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Brainingcamp Digital Manipulatives

Brainingcamp Virtual Manipulatives bring math to life and improve conceptual understanding. Teachers can view student work and share screens in real-time.

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Family Engagement Site

Google Translate™ compatible, easily accessible resources provide family-friendly Topic and lesson-level support. Interactive videos, vocabulary review, and helpful search terms engage students at home—no login required!

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Further Enhancements to the Experience Math K-5 Program

  • Multilingual Learner Support
  • Meet Your Students Where They Are
  • Personalized Programs

Embedded Teacher Support

Fully embedded within Savvas Realize, resources include point-of-use Multilingual Learner instructional teacher guidance, Spanish text, audio, and video.

Spanish-language materials include the fully translated print Student Experience Book, translated Projectable Storytime books, and Grade K posters.

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Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite

Momentum Math, part of the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite, provides an easy and reliable way to uncover student needs and provide the right instructional content for every learner. Add the norm-referenced assessment suite to your math program via the Savvas Realize® platform and seamlessly collect actionable data to inform instruction for Grades K-8.

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SuccessMaker helps learners at every level

This adaptive intervention program continuously personalizes math instruction for student growth or differentiation.

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