myWorld Interactive: World Geography Curriculum

myWorld Interactive: World Geography, a student-centered curriculum, emphasizes inquiry and interactive experiences while embedding literacy and 21st Century skills instruction throughout.

  • Available as Eastern and Western Hemisphere editions, or a combined World Geography edition
  • Multiple options for differentiation
  • Aligned to the C3 Framework and state standards correlations available.
myWorld Interactive World Geography is a middle school world geography curriculum emphasizing inquiry.

Middle School World Geography Curriculum Benefits

myWorld Interactive: World Geography is an engaging, inquiry-based, curriculum about real-world geographical, cultural, and environmental issues.

Promote inquiry and citizenship with myWorld Interactive middle school World Geography curriculum.

Promote inquiry and citizenship

Project-based learning immerses students in real-world inquiry that introduces geographical topics, ideas, and figures. Hands-on, inquiry-based projects promote collaborative learning and inspire citizenship practices.

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Aligned literacy support

Engaging lesson text also helps build social studies and ELA skills through world geography topics. Embedded pre-reading support helps students with complex text and inspires critical thinking. Scaffolded text helps students read independently and focus on meaning.

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Multiple learning pathways

Teachers can tailor learning to the needs and strengths of individual students and their whole classrooms. The comprehensive world geography resources accommodate differentiation needs, delivery approaches, and time constraints.

World Geography Curriculum Featured Content

  • Active-Learning Tools and Projects
  • Reach All Your Students With Flexible, Differentiated Resources
  • Content-Supported Literacy Engagement
  • Topic Review Resources Help Students Meet State Standards

Inspire Active Learning

  • Active Journal
    Help students unlock each lesson’s essential question with the Active Journal, an interactive tool that empowers self-learning by encouraging inquiry, writing, and concept application. Students utilize their journals on a wide variety of digital lesson activities.
  • Quest Projects
    Lesson-culminating, inquiry-based Quest projects prompt students to analyze, research, and present on complex, scenario-based questions. For example: Does the lucrative Nigerian oil industry benefit the country as a whole?

Inspire All Students

  • Flexible Teaching Options and Resources
    Flexible teaching options and resources provide access and equity for culturally responsive teaching, differentiation needs, delivery approaches, and time constraints.
  • Tailor Your Classroom Activity Paths

    Tailor the program to your specific classroom needs with three activity paths:

    • Activity: engages students in hands-on activities and inquiry projects to build real-world collaborative skills.
    • Content-and-literacy: students master content through engaging resources, primary sources, and writing workshops.
    • Comprehensive: balances engaging content, active classroom strategies, and literacy connections.
  • Online anytime–digital resources
    Shift to online anytime–digital resources like podcasts, videos, and graphs offer amazing ways for students to delve into new social studies topics.
  • Teacher and Student Support

    Includes teacher and student support, in the text and online video modules, for implementing project-based learning.

Inspire Literacy Engagement

  • Scaffolded Literacy Support
    Scaffolded literacy support helps students apply close-reading strategies and build vocabulary and language skills.
  • Get Ready to Read
    Connected to the Active Journal, Get Ready to Read feature infuses pre-reading strategies, guiding questions, and vocabulary support.
  • Writing Workshop
    Writing Workshop feature combines literary connections with geography topics. Students can practice both expository and narrative writing forms.

Inspire Your World Geography Classroom

  • Lesson Checks
    Lesson checks monitor student mastery of standards at regular intervals.
  • Assessment Options
    Choose from three assessment options: pre-test, lesson quizzes, and chapter tests.
  • Assessments
    Assessments include a Visual Review, Quest Findings, and a Reading Review in the Active Journal.
  • Pull Learning Facets Together
    Topic assessments pull all learning facets together, helping students make connections, analyze, and synthesize information.

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myWorld Interactive: World Geography Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is myWorld Interactive: World Geography for middle school?
    This social studies program emphasizes project-based learning to explore the world’s places, systems, and cultures. It is available as Eastern and Western Hemisphere editions, or a combined World Geography edition. Each one includes strong ELA connections and multiple teaching options.
  • What are the key features in myWorld Interactive: World Geography?

    The program includes a print teacher edition with full lesson support and integrated ELD Support. The student edition hardcover Includes all core content lessons, and an English Language Arts Handbook.

    Online teacher and student resources include the digital course with interactives and links to the eText for narrative content. The student Active Journal is an interactive digital notebook with close reading, note taking, and writing support.

  • What type of reading support is in myWorld Interactive: World Geography?
    Get Ready to Read infuses pre-reading strategies, guiding questions, and vocabulary support. The Reading Check focuses on students’ ability to read and understand visuals. The Lesson Check monitors student mastery of reading skills and social studies content.
  • How do I sign up for a myWorld Interactive: World Geography digital demo?
    myWorld Interactive: World Geography digital courseware on Savvas Realize® includes robust tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital, print, or blended format in their classrooms.
myWorld Interactive World Geography