Allons au–delà! AP French Curriculum

Allons au-delà prepares students for the AP® French exam with a culturally rich literature anthology of fiction and non-fiction that allow teachers to cover the Themes, Recommended Contexts, Essential Questions, and Learning Objectives set out by the College Board.

  • Student Edition Units cover a broad range of topics
  • Rich content available through the award-winning Savvas Realize® LMS
  • Pairs well with our AP® French: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination book

Upper Level French Curriculum with Digital Integration

Lead students to success in the AP® French exam with cultural units that encourage a deep understanding of the materials.


College Board Framework

Allons au-delà is structured similarly to the AP exam to help students feel comfortable and prepared when they take the test.


Comprehension and Skill Development

Each unit uses engaging topics and activities to build up students’ reading and cultural comprehension, as well as confidence in their interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills.


Flexible Delivery

Our combination of printable and downloadable materials along with an award-winning online LMS containing rich content allows teachers to provide a rich experience with the technology they already have.

Upper-Level and AP® French Teaching Solutions for Grades 9-12

  • Student Edition Units
  • Varied Reading Selections
  • Wide Range of Activities
  • Cultural Perspective

Student Edition Units

  • Relevant Themes
    Cover themes such as global challenges, science and technology, and contemporary life.
  • Designed for Student Interest
    Engaging content and structure
  • AP Exam Preparation
    Parallels with the AP® French examination

Varied Reading Selections

  • Multiple Genres
    Fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Thematic Connections
    Illustrate the themes in each unit
  • Immersive Materials
    Derived from real-life materials for cultural immersion
  • Designed for Retention
    Pre-, during-, and post-reading questions encourage retention

Wide Range of Activities

  • Clear Objectives
    Address learning objectives
  • Multiple Test Styles
    Practice testing formats
  • Strategize
    Develop learning strategies
  • Grouping Vocabulary
    Build vocabulary groups
  • Cultural Perspective
    Develop students’ cultural perspectives

Cultural Perspective

  • Complete eText
    eText with audio links
  • Audio Resources
    Audio files
  • Guide
    Teacher’s guide
  • Assessments
    Assessment Program

Award-winning Online Platform for Your French Instruction

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Allons au-delà integrates with our award-winning LMS, Savvas Realize®, to enrich the curriculum with easily accessible materials and dashboards to watch student progress.

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A next-generation learning solution that provides an all-inclusive, one-year digital license to our most popular Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies national K–12 programs.

More about Allons au-delà!

  • Table of Contents

    Théme 1: Les défis mondiaux
    Chapitre 1: Touche pas à mon pote!
    Chapitre 2: Préservons la nature
    Chapitre 3: Couvrez votre toux
    Chapitre 4: Liberté, égalité, fraternité
    Chapitre 5: Bon appétit?
    Chapitre 6: Mourir pour la patrie!

    Théme 2: La science et la technologie
    Chapitre 7: Le génie de l’homme
    Chapitre 8: Toutes ces inventions technologiques!
    Chapitre 9: Attention! Ne pas ouvrir!

    Théme 3: La vie contemporaine
    Chapitre 10: Cherchez! Comparez! Achetez!
    Chapitre 11: Le temple de la famille
    Chapitre 12: La coupe du monde
    Chapitre 13: Au travail!
    Chapitre 14: Une étape importante
    Chapitre 15: Bon voyage!

    Théme 4: La quête de soi
    Chapitre 16: T’es né en France, toi?
    Chapitre 17: Revenons aux valeurs traditionnelles
    Chapitre 18: Je parle français, moi!
    Chapitre 19: Le patriotisme c’est l’amour de siens

    Théme 5: La famille et la communauté
    Chapitre 20: Gravir l'échelle sociale
    Chapitre 21: Allons les enfants!
    Chapitre 22: Joyeuse fête! Célébrez!
    Chapitre 23: La famille, une incroyable richesse
    Chapitre 24: Ne me quitte pas

    Théme 6: L'esthétique
    Chapitre 25: Vive la France!
    Chapitre 26: France, mère des arts!
    Chapitre 27: La vie en rose
    Chapitre 28: Les trois coups


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