AP® French Workbook and Digital Curriculum

AP® French: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination combines our highly regarded practice workbook with a robust online toolkit, so teachers and students can select what works best for them to prepare for the Advanced Placement Language and Culture exam.

  • Students practice in the same formats as the actual AP® exams
  • Choose between a print, digital, or blended course

Preparing for the French Language and Culture Examination

AP French by Savvas Learning Company uses print and digital platforms to move students beyond rote memorization drills.


Test Preparation

Each learning unit helps students practice with the themes, language skills, and testing formats used in the AP® exam.


Adjustable Teaching

Our digital courseware offers students and teachers real-time feedback, so they can see where more review is needed in the practice sections.


Broad Capabilities

With print and digital options available, classes can make the most of the technology they already have available to them.

AP® French for Grades 9-12 Teaching Solutions

  • Speak and Record Feature
  • eText
  • Teacher Resource Book
  • Learning Strategies

Speak and Record Feature

  • Record and Submit Assignments
    Available through the Savvas Realize® platform, the feature allows students to record and re-record themselves before submitting vocal assignments.
  • Direct Listening and Feedback
    Teachers can hear student pronunciation and provide feedback directly.


  • Like a Real Book
    A fully electronic version of the AP French workbook, the eText comes with note-taking and highlighting capabilities, so students can treat it like a real book.
  • Designed for Convenience
    Easy-to-use navigation through the sections and mobile device compatibility make learning easier and more convenient to fit into students’ lives.
  • Online anytime–digital resources
    Shift to online anytime–digital resources like podcasts, videos, and graphs offer amazing ways for students to delve into new social studies topics.
  • Teacher and Student Support

    Includes teacher and student support, in the text and online video modules, for implementing project-based learning.


Teacher Resource Book

  • Materials for Download
    The online materials available for instructors to download include PDFs, audio scripts, and answer keys.
  • Easy Navigation
    Subdivided by sections, the Resource Book is accessible from the eText’s Navigation pane.
  • Writing Workshop
    Writing Workshop feature combines literary connections with geography topics. Students can practice both expository and narrative writing forms.

Learning Strategies

  • Focal Points
    Focal points for students that are specific to each section have been integrated into the eText.
  • Learning Guides
    The strategies serve as helpful guides for the activities students encounter throughout the text.

Award-winning Online Platform for Your advanced-level French Curriculum

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