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Brand-New Programs for US & World History

Be the first to sample the newest and most up-to-date U.S. and World History programs! Social Studies Interactive from Savvas Learning Company offers immersive, relevant, and all-new content. Engage students through inquiries, collaboration, active learning experiences, current events, and more. This is Social Studies Interactive.

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Social Studies Interactive

Active Classrooms, Active Minds

Active Classroom Strategies and Quest topic inquiries immerse students in real-world problem-solving. Use low-prep, high-impact active classroom strategies or topic inquiry projects for students to apply social studies concepts, evaluate sources and use evidence, and communicate their findings.

Bring History Forward

Students will experience history through interactive digital activities, including immersive 3-D models, interactive timelines, maps, primary sources, and more. Hook & Inspire Connections to Today teaching suggestions help inspire students to take action on important societal issues. A partnership with Listenwise brings you current events every day.

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