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Empowering Every Teacher and Learner

enVisionmath2.0 Common Core is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for Grades K-5. It offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction. enVisionmath2.0 provides the focus, coherence, and rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Project-based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options empower every teacher and student.


Conceptual Understanding

Deepen students' abilities to think mathematically

When students connect ideas, they deepen their understanding. enVisionmath2.0 is organized into clusters of connected topics and lessons. Students learn to see relationships, ask questions, and try different approaches. Problem-based learning drives students to engage in productive struggle.




Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Make math learner-centered, relevant, and focused

enVisionmath2.0 gives you a wide variety of differentiation resources and strategies. Tiered activities, learning centers, flexible grouping, and technology help you accommodate learning styles and readiness.


Managed Learning

Simplify with one learning management system

Access all content, resources, assessments, and student data on Savvas Realize. This powerful learning management system gives you instant access to everything you need and want, in a single place.


enVisionmath meets ESSA's Promising Evidence requirements.

Discipline: Mathematics

Copyright: 2016

Grade(s): K - 6

Program Type: Core

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Funding Sources: ESSER

enVisionmath2.0 Common Core (K-5)

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