Features and Benefits

Career Choice follows the standard sequence of career search and decision-making issues–Personal Assessment, World of Work, and Job Search.

·      NEW! Streamlined chapters and integrated online content to increase the relevancy and impact of the material on student learning outcomes. (Ex. – Throughout the book)

·      NEW! The year 2015 and beyond is explored in discussions, charts, graphs, and projections to  help students project-and prepare for-where and how they might fit into the workplace, particularly the impact of the Global economy and entrepreneurial internet-based careers. (Ex. – Throughout the book)

·      NEW! Addresses “the new job market” including creating your own business, temp jobs, freelancing, creating blogs and tips, for searching for a job while unemployed. (Ex. – Chapter 9)

·      NEW! A section on multiple-intelligence concepts shows learners yet another dimension of “why” it is necessary to be flexible in choosing a career. (Ex. – Chapter 2)

·      NEW! Feature content updated with critical thinking questions to support to make the boxed information more relevant and applicable to learners’ lives. (Ex. – In every chapter)

·      Student Learning Outcomes. The objectives are tied to chapter topics and directly emphasize having learners experience a shift in understanding, focus, and ease of evaluation and assessment.

·      Tips From the Pros feature. Anchors concepts and discussion with real world street smarts.

·      Facts and Figures. Puts numbers behind topics at hand, in order to give context and set up additional reflection and discussion.

·      Real Stories. Offers situational case studies that learners can relate to, and think through the pros and cons of the situation and creatively come up with suggestions/solutions.

·      Success Strategies. Provides specific suggestions for how to apply information being presented.

·      Exercising Your Options end-of-chapter feature. Elicits specific action steps from the learner, and is now included within the title-specific MyStudentSuccessLab.

·        Career Fitness Portfolio. Learners write their answers at the end to reflect on what they are learning.

·      Decision-making questions. These questions have been added to strengthen decision-making skills for every “Fact and Figures”, “Success Strategies” and “Real Stories”.

·      Offers a four-color workbook format that is ideal for use in class or as a reference guide. (Ex. – Throughout the book)

·      Discussions on the value of the liberal arts majors, undecided major, re-entry, and career-track students alike give further direction, understanding, and reassurance on how the skills acquired in college are transferrable to the world of work. (Ex. – Chapter 6)


Career Change offers critical questions thatgo beyond facts and figures to help learners focus on “What’s in it for me?” especially when changing careers.

·      NEW! Includes content on managing finances, which is important for learners desiring to become independent and aware of opportunities for career exposure (Ex. –Chapter 8 )

·      Practical coverage of Job Search and Resume Writing includes electronic and web sources, formats, and submission guidelines along with advice on how to develop a competitive edge. (Ex. – Chapter 10)

·      Presented with a hands-on, critical thinking approach of theories, exercises, and practical applicationsto ensure learners understand the “why” behind the “how,” with ample practice in personalizing content. (Ex. – Throughout the book)

·      Gives strong coverage of strategies for how to weave personal assessment and the job search/interview process, into individual concepts and techniques for a take-action plan. (Ex. – Chapter 11)

·      Incorporates practice, terminology, and content designed to address current economic realities to build awareness of the positive change that is being reported. (Ex. – Throughout the book)


Career Confirmation provides direction, understanding, and reassurance, showing learners how skills acquired in college are transferable to the world of work.

·      NEW! Introduces new topics, discussions, and exercises, including the need to develop focus, the concept of managing energy, the ability to identify and capitalize on “uniqueness” as part of branding, the role of values to define mission and purpose, the investigation of interests as a source of career clues, the introduction of badging, the integration of digital and social networking strategies. (Ex. – Chapter 2)

·      Extensive author expertise of over 30 years each of cutting-edge experience in counseling and career delivery systems, and with research, student, and community feedback to inform a practical, real-world, “in the trenches” perspective of the what, when, and how of career planning and development. (Ex. – Throughout the book)

·      A balance of idealism and realism helps learners bridge the gap between what they “think” the world of work (or specific careers) is all about, and what it is “really” like. (Ex. – Chapter 7)

·      Addresses competencies of the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NOICC) that arenecessary for transition from school to career. (Ex. – Chapter 5)


Also Available with MyStudentSuccessLab™

This title is also available with MyStudentSuccessLab—an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.


This learning outcomes-based technology promotes student engagement through:

Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic test based on Bloom’s Taxonomy linked to key learning objectives in each topic.

• Each individual topic in the Learning Path offers a Pre- and Post-Test dedicated to that topic, an Overview of objectives to build vocabulary and repetition, access to Video interviews to learn about key issues ‘by students, for students’, Practice exercises to improve class prep and learning, and Graded Activities to build critical thinking skills and develop problem-solving abilities.

Student Resources include Finish Strong 247 YouTube videos, Calculators, and Professionalism/Research & Writing/Student Success tools.

Student Inventories increase self-awareness, and include Golden Personality (similar to Meyers Briggs, gives insights on personal style), Conley Readiness Index (CRI) (measures readiness and likelihood for success, gives insight into student aspirations).

Title-specific version available as an option for those who teach closely to their text. This course would include the national eText, Chapter specific quizzing, and Learning Path modules that align with the chapter naming conventions of the book.