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"This book provides exceptional content in a highly applicable and relevant manner. The program was clearly designed to provide 21st century learners with the skills to not just understand the concepts of biology but prepare students to use them and continue their study to be the next generation of STEM leaders."

Joseph, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Philadelphia, PA
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"I have used the Miller & Levine Biology program since it was first introduced with the Elephant book. I have always been impressed with the content and all of the teacher and student support material."

Deborah, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Houston, TX
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"Excellent text, visuals, and activities designed to engage students."

Kimberly, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Westminster, MD
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"I love Miller & Levine Biology. There is always new content coming out and they work hard at keeping schools up-to-date."

Kevin, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Seminole, OK
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"The content is organized in a way that makes it easier for students to understand. The graphics which includes picture, graphs and diagrams allow for the students to grasp the information and to apply it to real world situations."

Stacey, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Milwaukee, WI
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"This program presents the material in a way that is related to the real world and allows students to make connections between concepts they understand and those new biology ideas they are just learning."

Matt, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Tidoute, PA
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"I have used Miller and Levine Biology for 20 years. No other programs compare in my opinion. I have met both authors and love how they support the students using their books with their own website."

Tony, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Morocco, IN
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"The text is easy to read for my students and it explains concepts very well."

Laura, Miller & Levine Biology Teacher
Westlake, CA
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