myPerspectives English Language Arts: Turnitin Revision Assistant

ELA Curriculum for Grades 6-12

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We’ve Partnered with Turnitin Revision Assistant™ to Give You More Writing Support & Power!

Empower students to improve their writing with immediate, actionable feedback.

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Our partner Turnitin Revision Assistant gives more writing support and power.


Revision Assistant is integrated directly into Savvas Realize for ease of use!


Revision Assistant™ is a writing tool that: 

  • Improves student writing and engagement with ready-made reading and writing tasks
  • Provides immediate, personalized, and actionable feedback  
  • Offers instant data on student writing skills to help teachers differentiate instruction and track students' growth into writers 





Inspire students to revise.
Motivate students to improve their writing with instant, differentiated feedback aligned to genre-specific rubrics.

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Revision Assistant Signal Checks provide instant, targeted feedback to guide students as they write.

At the heart of Revision Assistant are Signal Checks which provide instant, targeted feedback to encourage and guide students as they write.

Holistic Feedback
Colorful icons show students how well their ideas are getting across.


Targeted Feedback
Highlighted sentences focus students on areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.


Actionable Comments
Genre-specific advice guides students through the revision process so that students learn to write for any situation.


Quickly identifies students' strengths and struggles with diagnostic, automatically scored writing assignments.


Support students at every level.
Quickly identify students' strengths and struggles with diagnostic, automatically scored writing assignments.


Inform instruction and measure growth.
Inform instruction with real-time data and insights on student growth at the individual, classroom, school, and district levels.

Revision Assistant Walkthrough

Screen shot of myPerspectives class reports.

What you get with Revision Assistant
Why it matters
Instant Feedback Powered by AI
  • Students receive timely sentence-level and holistic feedback that improves their writing skills and engagement with writing. 
  • On average, students write 7.9 drafts and see 53% growth in writing scores between the first and last round of feedback.
Automated Scoring
  • Teachers get scores immediately after students complete a writing prompt to drive interventions.
  • Administrators can help ensure objective, consistent evaluation of writing for all students across the district.
Ready-Made Writing and Reading Tasks
  • Assign text dependent and source-independent reading and writing tasks for multiple genres. 
  • Texts feature Lexile® Scores that help connect students with passages appropriate for their level.
  • Discover a rich library of genre-specific, ready-made prompts developed in partnership with districts, WestEd, and College Board.
Real-Time Reporting
  • Teachers get visibility into every draft and instant insights into student growth on key writing skills like claim, language, etc., to inform instruction.
  • Administrators track students’ progress, writing activity, and product usage for the district overall and per school.