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October 19, 2021 11:15 AM EST - October 19, 2021 11:45 AM EST

Career Connection: Preparing for a Successful STEM College Experience

Dr. Johnson discusses her quest to study the ocean which began as a third grader and continued throughout her K-12, undergraduate and graduate school experience. She shares lessons learned and success strategies for students to excel in STEM academic and professional careers.

Speaker: Dr. Ashanti Johnson

Dr. Ashanti Johnson, one of the first African American female chemical oceanographers in the US, is recognized as a STEM expert, international speaker and author. She’s profiled in books, magazines, websites, TV, podcasts and radio. She has been described as one of “STEM’s New Guard”, "1 of 15 Women Paving the Way and Paying it Forward” and “Changing the World via STEM”. Dr. Johnson has 20 years of university, non-profit and K-12 leadership experience, including most recently serving as an Assistant Vice Provost of the University of Texas-Arlington and the founding superintendent of a STEAM charter school system. Among Dr. Johnson’s honors include US Presidential, American Geophysical Union, Sigma Xi and Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation awards.


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