5 Top Trends K-12 Leaders Can’t Afford To Ignore


The pandemic has changed how students learn, teachers teach, and administrators lead. In our latest Fresh Ideas for Teaching podcast episode we dive into 5 key educational trends that, moving forward, K-12 educators can’t afford to ignore.


Special guests: Heidi Bruhn, Tom Hamilton, and Richard Weir

Heidi Bruhn is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for K-12 Mathematics at Savvas Learning. Previously in her career, she served as a math specialist and teacher at Chicago Public Schools. 

Tom Hamilton is the Senior vice president of Product Development at Savvas Learning. A former classroom teacher, Tom has been instrumental in the development of many award-winning instructional programs. 

Richard Weir is the Director of Communications and Public Relations at Savvas Learning and he was the former head of communications at Boston Public Schools.


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