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Transform Your Biology Class with Problem-Based Learning

Engage your biology students in problem-based learning. The Explorer’s Journal from Miller & Levine Biology helps you create dynamic, student-driven science experiences. Right now, you can get a free sample of the Explorer’s Journal to try in your classroom.


Why Miller & Levine Biology's Explorer's Journal?

  • Engaging Problem-Solving lets students tackle real-world problems, building critical thinking and collaboration skills beyond the classroom.
  • Authentic Science Exploration, including hands-on labs, STEM projects, and authentic readings, puts students in the role of real scientists and researchers.
  • Enhanced Student Engagement brings biology to life as students explore through videos, interactivities, STEM projects, labs, and more!
  • Differentiated Support tools and resources within the Journal help you support diverse learners and ensure every student succeeds.


Your Free Sampler + Trial Includes:

  • Sample Explorer's Journal Unit: Experience student-driven problem solving that reflects real-world community challenges.
  • 30-Day Trial: Full digital access to the Miller & Levine Biology program resources and tools. Use your Explorer’s Journal and digital resources together for a complete interactive lab experience.

    FREE Miller & Levine Biology Trial & Sampler