Unlock the Power of Writing: Developing Reading and Writing Skills


Professional Learning with Dr. Young-Suk Kim

Reading and writing are interconnected skills, and students need to master both to achieve literacy success. With the Science of Reading, research has identified the evidence-based best practices that promote students’ reading development.

What does research say about the Science of Writing?

Watch this free, one-hour webinar featuring renowned researcher and literacy expert Dr. Young-Suk Kim as she delves into what research reveals about students’ writing development and the practical ways educators can apply that research in today’s elementary classrooms.

Photograph of Dr. Young-Suk Kim, renowned researcher and literacy expert

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Kim will cover:

  • The foundational skills that contribute to students’ writing development
  • The interconnected nature of reading and writing development
  • What evidence-based writing instruction looks like in the elementary classroom
  • Helpful tips for supporting students with different needs

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