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High-Quality Instructional & Differentiation Resources for Your ELA Curriculum

Savvas Now™ Literacy is a brand-new supplemental K-5 Digital Resource Library built by literacy experts. Elementary teachers can easily find high-quality instructional content that addresses a wide range of learning needs.

Find just-right content to enhance core literacy instruction

  • Supplemental content for ELA focus areas ranging from phonological awareness and phonics to vocabulary, comprehension, writer’s craft—and more
  • Printable graphic organizers, assignable interactives, digital games, professional development videos, and more


Foster cross-curricular connections

  • Nonfiction text sets centered around grade-level science and social studies topics 
  • Great for building students’ background knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Option for project-based learning


Facilitate classroom conversations around inclusion and acceptance 

  • Prebuilt, editable lesson plans for popular titles
  • Instructional routines for before, during, and after reading
  • “Windows & Mirrors” activities
  • Includes project-based learning




Reading SpotReading Spot is a digital book library that provides elementary students with anytime, anywhere access to a curated collection of thousands of ebooks. Give students greater reading choice and instill a love of reading with Reading Spot:


  • Collection includes thousands of high-interest, popular, and culturally relevant titles
  • Reading options include trade books, authentic literature, content-area nonfiction texts, and decodable readers
  • Students can highlight, bookmark, and take notes as they read
  • Teachers can easily track reading time, books read, and more