Ecce Romani – Latin Learning

The Ecce Romani Latin curriculum brings an ancient civilization to life. A reading-based approach engages contemporary students with the past through connection to an everyday Roman family and their story taking place in 80 CE.

With Ecce Romani, you can
  • bring students to the point where they can read the Latin of classical authors with confidence
  • enhance general language learning techniques, including facility with English
  • develop awareness of the culture of the Romans, its historic significance, and its contemporary relevance.

Middle and High School Latin Program with Digital Resources

Find common ground between families in ancient Rome and today’s students to build up Latin vocabulary and grammar.


Bring Latin to Life

With Ecce Romani, Latin functions as a lively language used in the classroom as a means of genuine communication: the Latin stories at the beginning of each chapter offer the basic opportunity to develop linguistic skills of listening, expressive oral reading, and even dramatization.


Integrated Technology

Ecce Romani appeals to today’s learners with an online interactive textbook and digital course on Realize. The digital course offers additional practice, self-tests, and links to additional resources.


Proven Success

Ecce Romani has shown it can excite students about Latin across the country and around the world.


Updated Ecce Romani III

The highest level of Latin instruction we offer has had its selections expanded to support a year-long course.

High School Latin Curriculum Teaching Solutions

  • Expanded Language Activity Books
  • Customizable and Printable Test Banks
  • Teacher’s Guide

Expanded Language Activity Books

  • Expanded Language Activity Workbooks
    All three levels of Ecce Romani offer expanded Language Activity Workbooks with vocabulary lists per chapter, more practice for each section of the Student Edition, and a second reading in each chapter.

Customizable and Printable Test Banks

  • Flexible Questions
    Each chapter provides a Test Bank of questions that are flexible enough that teachers can edit them or write new ones.

Teacher’s Guide

  • Updated Instructor Resources
    Now organized by chapter, the updated resources include lesson plans, pacing guides, updated bibliographies, the Answer Key for the Language Activity Books, and a wealth of teaching ideas.

Award-winning Online Platform for your Latin Instruction

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