Savvas myView Literacy:
Writing Workshop

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Writing every day helps students express and support their ideas. It also helps teachers assess learning. The Writing Workshop in myView Literacy provides a student-centered framework that helps children write daily and purposefully. A bank of minilessons focuses teaching on explicit skills that align to writing standards. Students spend the majority of the time writing. Teachers model and support the process, then confer, prompt, and work with individual students.

Weekly Writing Workshops

Minilessons provide explicit instruction focused on a specific writing technique or strategy. Each minilesson has options for Modeled, Shared, or Guided Writing.


Easy-to-Follow Instructional Routine

The minilessons establish a simple, effective, daily routine for reading success. The routine ensures that instruction is productive and purposeful.

  1. Focus on Strategies
  2. Model and Practice
  3. Apply

Writing Minilesson Bank

The weekly minilessons support sustained growth toward independent writing. It’s not just the quantity that matters, but the deep practice of addressing specific writing needs.


Steps to Writing Independently

myView Literacy helps children take themselves seriously as writers—and enjoy writing. Scaffolding builds students‘ confidence and encourages partner and whole-group sharing.


Connect Writing and Reading Every Day

The Reading-Writing Bridge helps your students read texts closely to support their ideas when they write. Mentor texts provide good models of writing skills and techniques.