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Savvas offers a comprehensive continuum of K–12 research-based support for English language learners and their educators. Built upon best teaching practices and research of leading language development experts like Dr. Jim Cummins, These programs help prepare ELLs for success in school and in today's global marketplace.

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Lead EL Students to Success with Learning Math
Lead EL Students to Success with Learning Math

You’re 11 years old, and you’ve just moved to a new city.  School starts tomorrow, and you go to bed nervous and excited about meeting new friends and learning new things.  You walk into 1st period the next morning – math, your favorite!  You were really good at math back in your old school and […]

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Join Savvas’s Sara Harper for a 30-minute workshop that will show school administrators how they can use their Savvas Realize Data Reports to drive school improvement. You’ll see how the reports provide in-depth usage and performance data at the classroom, school, and district level.

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