Tips for Engaging Readers and Writers in K-12 Classrooms


Keeping students engaged in learning is one of the most important and difficult tasks a teacher faces. In the past few years, we have seen a major uptick in students being more distracted, disengaged, and avoiding work. I recently got a chance to talk with literacy expert/author Kelly Gallagher to discuss why students aren’t engaged, the implications and impact that has on students and teachers, and what sort of things we can do to keep students engaged in learning. 

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Podcast Guests:

Since 1985, Kelly Gallagher has devoted himself to the teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking—first and foremost, as a high school ELA teacher in Anaheim, California, and also as a author/consultant who works with educators around the world. Today, he is considered one of the leading voices in literacy education. Inspired by his classroom, mentors and professional development experiences, Kelly has written six books for teachers, many of which have been used in education schools around the world. He is also a featured author for several ELA classroom textbooks and programs. In 2005, Kelly received the Award for Classroom Excellence from the California Association of Teachers of English, the state’s highest honor for English teachers.

Karen Miller is a National Literacy Specialist with Savvas Learning and works with K-12 literacy educators across the country. As a former elementary and secondary teacher, she brings her passion for literacy, student engagement, differentiation, and student achievement to her conversations, presentations, and workshops. In her 15 years in educational publishing, Karen has developed and delivered professional development workshops across the country, specializing in writing, reading strategies, student engagement, digital learning, curriculum, and more. She enjoys working with educators and learning about their experiences, successes, and challenges.

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