Hands-On, Heads-On Science: How to Engage Students in Your Science Classroom


Professional Learning with Dr. Jesse Wilcox and Dr. Sophia Garcia

A hands-on, heads-on approach to science is a powerful way to give students the opportunity to learn science by actually doing science!

Join professors Dr. Jesse Wilcox and Dr. Sophia Garcia as they share how easy it can be to implement this student-centered approach in today’s elementary classrooms.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Garcia provide several examples of phenomena-driven, three-dimensional science lessons that you can use to make science memorable and meaningful for all learners!

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Garcia will demonstrate how to:

  • Leverage real-world phenomena to ignite curiosity
  • Quickly and easily engage students with relevant science content
  • Use efficient 5E science lessons with diverse learners
  • Facilitate manageable, hands-on activities
  • Use stations-based science lessons

Here's a preview of the webinar to get you started. Complete the form on this page to watch the full webinar!