Encuentros maravillosos: Gramática a través de la literatura Spanish Anthology

A highly praised, all-Spanish anthology, Encuentros maravillosos introduces students to modern Hispanic literature. Today’s students connect to the universal themes and communicate about issues that touch them personally, while expanding their vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • Modern Hispanic literature from renowned Spanish authors
  • Flexibility in assignments and forming study groups
  • Customizable to address class needs
  • Savvas Realize provides a single platform for student and teacher resources

Upper-Level Spanish Language Program with Digital Resources

Encourage self-expression and reflection in students while improving their Spanish skills in meaningful contexts.


Better Understanding

Spanish reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar exercises apply students’ skills in authentic contexts and build cultural awareness.


AP® Exam Preparation

In each of the 14 chapters, students expand their vocabulary and grammar skills—all connected to the theme, the literature selection, and the accompanying author’s work.


Personal Expression

Encuentros maravillosos ask students to connect with the resources and look within themselves to express their thoughts through:

  • Preguntas de comprensión
  • Preguntas de discusión
  • Expresándonos
  • Composición dirigida
  • An Upper-level Spanish Program That Connects With High School Students

    • Authentic Literary Selections
    • Sharing Thoughts and Perspectives
    • Post-Reading Activities

    Authentic Literary Selections

    • Celebrated Novelists, Poets, and Short Story Writers
      The writers in the anthology include: Borges, Neruda, Cortázar, Unamuno, Matute, Garcia Márquez, Esquivel, Garcia Lorca, Allende, Guillén, Machado, Storni, Alegria, Zamora, Curis, Ibarbourou, and Nervo.
    • New Authentic Materials
      Chapter 10 includes three new poems: “La poesia” by Neruda, “Proverbios y cantares, XXIX” by Machado, and “Peso ancestral” by Storni. Chapter 12 now includes an excerpt from Las ruinas circulares by Borges.
    • Add Your Own Content
      Bring in PPTs, audio, video, and other file types to customize your students’ experience and further enrich their experience of learning Spanish
    • Customize the Experience
      Content can be rearranged to suit the scope, sequence, and aims of your curriculum. The playlist feature allows you to create or import content the way you want and easily assign it to students.

    Sharing Thoughts and Perspectives

    • Discussion Board
      The online Discussion Board feature allows students to contribute to broader conversations occurring in class. They can share with other students and the teacher as well as attach video, audio, PPT, and other file types.
    • Teacher-Facilitated Engagement
      Create discussion prompts that students can respond to in a blog-like setting to encourage social interactions and interpersonal communication.

    Post-Reading Activities

    • Adding to the Experience
      After finishing a selection, students can engage with thought-provoking discussion questions, roleplays, essays, audio conferencia, or additional standards-based questions to deepen their knowledge and experience.
    • Assign Your Way
      Teachers can create specialized groups and personalized learning paths, plus customize assessments to provide further differentiation support and inform instruction.

    Award-winning Online Platform for Your High School Spanish Curriculum


    Encuentros maravillosos content, resources, and management tools are in one location. Savvas Realize®, our versatile LMS platform, connects you with everything and lets you make it your own.

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    Discover how Encuentros maravillosos can excite students about Spanish literature

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