Overcoming Math Anxiety in the Science Classroom – Keepin’ Science Real Part 4


Math anxiety can often be a potential barrier to student success in STEM related fields. Experience Chemistry and Experience Physics author Dr. Chris Moore joins us on the podcast to discuss not only the importance of bringing more math into science learning but also the anxieties associated with integrating mathematics into the science classroom and strategies for mitigating them.

Podcast Guests:

Christopher Moore, Ph.D., is a professor of physics education at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Dr. Moore has worked as a physical science teacher, a professional materials scientist, and a scholar and consultant on science education. His educational research focuses on the development of scientific reasoning and expert-like science practice abilities, with an emphasis on practices that cross disciplines. He is the author of Creating Scientists: Teaching and Assessing Practices for NGSS as well as Teaching Science Thinking.

Leone Eickhoff-Gentry taught Pre-K and 9-12 students as a performance and technical theatre teacher, speech coach, Math and Science remediation teacher, and Drop-out Recovery instructor. She was awarded national teacher of the year in 2004 by the VSArts organization at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Now, Leone focuses her time as a K-8 Science Marketing Manager for Savvas Learning Company. Her passion is supporting teachers and students around the world by connecting them to STEM Professionals through the Savvas Learning Virtual STEM Fairs, Professional Learning Webinars, assisting in researching and developing high quality science instructional materials.

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