interactive MUSIC Grade 3 Sample Activities

The Grade 3 music course library provides engaging digital assets with links to a range of interactive song-based and listening activities as motivation for students to expand their interests, skills, understanding, and knowledge. Options for teachers to use in customizing lessons include an array of interactive activities, audio files, animated instruction, interactive notation, and other content to support instruction.


Song Notation (Interactive Practice): Alabama Gal

This interactive tool includes a keyboard accompaniment for singing. An easy-to-use control panel provides additional tools for teachers including the option to change the key and/or tempo.


Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Alabama Gal

This interactive digital tool tracks the melody and lyrics for beginning music readers. Teachers have options to change the key, tempo, and voicing to customize instruction to meet student needs.


Movement Activity Instructions (Animated): Alabama Gal

View this engaging video to motivate students to learn a traditional dance. The on-screen controls allow you to play or pause and move forward or backward to repeat a section during instruction.


Music Reading Notation (Interactive Performance): Alabama Gal

This interactive digital tool provides both audio and visual resources that focus students' attention on notation to build independent music reading skills and increase performance accuracy.


Orff Arrangement Notation (Interactive Practice): Alabama Gal

Review Orff arrangements with this interactive tool and use the Digital Mixer to hear a single line or any combination of parts as you plan your lesson sequence to meet student needs.


Song Keyboard Accompaniment (Interactive): Alabama Gal

Easy-to-play accompaniments support student singing with chords that can be performed on other instruments. Use the Controls to change the key and click "Print" for a copy of the new version.