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Integrated Math

Math Program for Grades 9-12

The CME Project Development Team includes teachers, teacher educators, and mathematicians with many connections to the classroom, professional development in mathematics education, and education policy. The team wrote and rewrote each lesson in response to the feedback from mathematicians and teachers, keeping mathematics and mathematical thinking at the heart of our work.

Team members include:

Jean Benson, Al Cuoco, Nancy Antonellis D'Amato, Daniel Erman, Anna Baccaglini-Frank, Andrew Golay, Jane Gorman, Brian Harvey, Wayne Harvey, C. Jud Hill, Bowen Kerins, Doreen Kilday, Stephen Maurer, Melanie Plama, Mark Saul, Sarah Sword, Brett Thomas, Audrey Ting, and Kevin Waterman.

Others who helped us include:

Daniel Bennett, Steve Benson, Paul D'Amato, Robert Devaney, Eric Karnowski, Helen Lebowitz, Joseph Leverich, Darryl Ricard, and Tonya Walker.

Education Development Center, Inc.

EDC's Center for Mathematics Education, led by mathematician and teacher Al Cuoco, bring together an eclectic staff of mathematics teachers, cognitive scientists, education researchers, curriculum developers, specialists in educational technology, and teacher educators, internationally known for leadership across the entire range of K–16 mathematics education. We aim to help students and teachers in this country experience the thrill of solving problems and building theories, understand the history of ideas behind the evolution of mathematical disciplines, and appreciate the standards of rigor that are central to the mathematical culture.

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Contributors to the CME Project

National Advisory Board

The national advisory board met early in the project, providing critical feedback on the instructional design and the overall organization. Members include:

Richard Askey, University of Wisconsin James Madden, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Edward Barbeau, University of Toronto Jacqueline Miller, Education Development Center Hyman Bass, University of Michigan James Newton, University of Maryland Carol Findell, Boston University Robert Segall, Greater Hartford Academy of Mathematics and Science Arthur Heinricher, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Roger Howe, Yale University Glenn Stevens, Boston University Barbara Janson, Janson Associates Herbert Wilf, University of Pennsylvania Kenneth Levasseur, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Hung-Hsi Wu, University of California, Berkeley

Field Test Teachers

Our field-test teachers gave us the benefit of their classroom experience by teaching from our draft lessons and giving us extensive, critical feedback that shaped the drafts into realistic, teachable lessons. They shared their concerns and questions, and challenges and successes and kept us focused on the real world. Some of them even welcomed us into their classrooms as co-teachers to give us the direct experience with students that we needed to hone our lessons. Working with these expert professionals has been one of the most gratifying parts of the development—they are "highly qualified" in the most profound sense.

Core Mathematical Consultants

Dick Askey, Ed Barbeau, and Roger Howe have been involved in an even more substantial way, reviewing chapters and providing detailed and critical advice on every aspect of the program. Dick and Roger spent many hours reading and criticizing drafts, brainstorming with the writing team, and offering advice on everything from the logical organization to the actual numbers used in problems. We can't thank them enough.

Algebra 1

California Calvin Baylon and Jaime Lao, Bell Junior High School, San Diego; Colorado Rocky Cundiff, Ignacio High School, Ignacio; Illinois Jeremy Kahan, Tammy Nguyen, and Stephanie Pederson, Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Chicago; Massachusetts Chris Martino and Kent Werst, Arlington High School, Arlington; Joe Bishop and Carol Rosen, Lawrence High School, Lawrence; Maureen Mulryan, Lowell High School, Lowell; New Hampshire Jayne Abbas and Terin Voisine, Cawley Middle School, Hooksett; New Mexico Mary Andrews, Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces; Ohio James Stallworth, Hughes Center, Cincinnati; Texas Arnell Crayton, Bellaire High School, Bellaire; Utah Troy Jones, Waterford School, Sandy; Washington Dale Erz, Kathy Greer, Karena Hanscom, and John Henry, Port Angeles High School, Port Angeles; Wisconsin Annette Roskam, Rice Lake High School, Rice Lake.